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20 Kindergarten Math Video games That Make Numbers Enjoyable from Day One

The most effective time to show youngsters to embrace math is once they’re younger and desirous to expertise new concepts and abilities. These kindergarten math video games educate the ideas outlined within the Widespread Core requirements in enjoyable and significant methods. Your littles will turn into math followers very quickly!

1. Evaluate numbers with dominos

Kindergarteners be taught to match numbers to find out which is bigger and which smaller. Stacking math cubes is a enjoyable, hands-on solution to evaluate the 2 numbers side-by-side, making it simpler to see the distinction.

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2. Have a rubber duck race

Kindergarten math student moving rubber ducks along a line of plastic tiles

On this kindergarten math recreation, youngsters race to see who might be the primary to get their duck to 10 (or any quantity you select). They roll a die and lay out tiles to maneuver their duck. The twist? To get to 10 on the finish, they have to roll the precise quantity they want—no going over! This recreation is terrific for working towards relying on, primary addition, and making 10.

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3. Follow relying on with playing cards and cube

Deck of cards with the five of spades flipped over and a pair of dice, text reads Counting On: The Card Game (Kindergarten Math Games)

Take away the face playing cards from a deck of taking part in playing cards and seize a pair of cube. The primary participant turns over a card after which rolls the cube. The quantity on the cube signifies how far they “depend on” from the cardboard. (For instance, a participant turns over a 3 and rolls a 4. They are saying, “Three: 4, 5, six, seven.”) If the participant will get it proper, they preserve the cardboard, and the opposite participant(s) get a flip.

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4. Match teen numbers

Kindergarten math student holding cards showing the number 20 and bundles of craft sticks equaling 20, with more cards in the background

As soon as they’ve mastered the numbers one to 10, it’s time to know how these numerals add as much as amplify numbers. These free printable playing cards present numerals and matching bundles of sticks that deconstruct every teen quantity into tens and ones.

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5. Construct a weigh station

Student placing jellybeans in a cup clipped to one side of a hanger, with a cup on the other side holding a plastic dinosaur

Use a hanger and plastic cups to construct an excellent easy weigh station. Children will love dropping gadgets into the cups to see which weighs kind of. Flip it right into a recreation by having them attempt to guess which object weighs extra first or what number of of 1 merchandise equals one other.

6. Maintain a form scavenger hunt

Papers labeled rectangle, circle, and triangle with various objects matching the shapes on each

Kindergarten math college students are studying to acknowledge shapes of their atmosphere and likewise to categorize and kind. This scavenger hunt does all of it! Ship them out to seek out objects within the room that match the shapes. Then depend and evaluate to see what number of you could have in every class.

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7. Make 10 with two-sided chips

Collage of math problems written on desks, with double sided chips representing each number (Kindergarten Math Games)

You’ll want counting chips which might be a unique coloration on both sides for this exercise. Children shake up ten chips in a cup and pour them out on the desk. Then they see what number of they’ve of every coloration and write that quantity bond to make ten.

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8. Throw snowballs to make 10

Three large plastic bins with artificial snowballs in each (Kindergarten Math Games)

Make “snowballs” from paper (or any method you want), then place them in a bucket at one finish of the room. Begin youngsters out by having them toss snowballs into one other bucket till they attain 10 (or any goal quantity). Then, up the problem by inserting some snowballs in every bucket and have youngsters determine what number of extra they should toss in to make 10.

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9. Skip depend with craft sticks

Colorful wood craft sticks with fives numbers written on one end

There are infinite methods to make use of craft sticks within the classroom. For this kindergarten math recreation, quantity a collection of sticks by fives, as proven. Children can observe by placing them so as first. Then, have a scholar draw a stick and depend on by fives from that quantity to 100—in the event that they draw 75, they then depend 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100. In the event that they get it proper, they preserve the stick, and the following participant takes a flip.

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10. Use UNO playing cards to play addition warfare

UNO cards with math cubes representing the numbers shown (Kindergarten Math Games)

Within the card recreation warfare, gamers every flip a card, and the one whose card is biggest takes them each. On this kindergarten math recreation twist, gamers every flip two playing cards. They then use counting blocks to characterize the numbers and depend on or add to seek out the sum. The biggest sum wins the hand, and play continues.

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11. Battle it out in ribbon warfare

Kindergarten math student comparing the lengths of pieces of ribbon

Work on non-standard measurement with this enjoyable and straightforward kindergarten math recreation. Minimize colourful ribbons into quite a lot of lengths and place them in a bag. Every scholar pulls a ribbon from the bag. Then, put college students in pairs and have them evaluate their ribbons to establish the longer one. The coed with the longer ribbon retains each, and the sport continues.

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12. Stack cups and depend to 100

Blue plastic cups labeled with numbers one to one hundred, stacked in a pyramid

Children love stacking cups, in order that they’ll get a kick out of this recreation, which has them doing it with 100 cups whereas they depend! Flip it into a contest by placing them in groups and timing them to see who can end the duty the quickest.

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13. Drive and evaluate numbers to music

Two students holding paper plates with different numbers of colored dots

Prep for this recreation through the use of dot markers on paper plates as proven (go to the hyperlink under for extra examples). Every child takes a plate then makes use of it to “drive” across the room as you play music. When the music stops, they discover a close by companion and evaluate what they see on one another’s plates (e.g., “8 dots is greater than 4 dots. 1 inexperienced dot is lower than 4 inexperienced dots.” Then begin the music up and repeat!

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14. Play teen-number bingo

Bingo cards with teen numbers and red markers

This free printable recreation helps little ones grasp their numbers from 11–20, each as numerals and represented on ten frames.

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15. Put collectively puzzles to achieve quantity sense

Four part puzzle pieces with six, leaf with six ladybugs, six in tally marks, and die showing six dots

Kindergarten math college students be taught to know that numbers might be represented in quite a lot of methods. These free printable puzzles assist them observe these abilities.

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16. Roll and add for fluency inside 5

Board game called Fluency Within Five, with colorful markers and blue die

Kindergarten math college students work to turn into fluent in including and subtracting inside 5. This free printable board recreation makes it enjoyable!

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17. Make a match to be taught shapes

Cards showing shapes and pictures of fruit to match shapes (Kindergarten Math Game)

Seize these free printable reminiscence playing cards on the hyperlink. Then play and be taught the essential shapes.

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18. Get 4 in a row and be taught place worth

Card divided into a grid, with math cubes showing different numbers on each, with number cards and red markers

This customizable recreation helps educate the early place-value idea of tens plus ones. Get it free of charge on the hyperlink.

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19. Bowl and subtract inside 10

Toilet paper tubes set up like bowling pins, with a red ball and worksheet called Subtraction Bowling

Arrange a toy bowling pin set (or make one from plastic bottles or rest room paper tubes). Children bowl and see what number of pins they knock down, subtracting that quantity from 10. Then they repeat, this time subtracting from the earlier reply. First to get to zero wins!

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20. Conquer cardinality with penguin dominoes

Paper dominos with number on one side and variety of penguins, fish, or other items on the other

Kindergarten math college students work to grasp cardinality, understanding that written numerals correspond to the variety of gadgets pictured. These free printable penguin dominoes make the idea enjoyable to observe.

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