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Academics Share the Funniest Compliments They’ve Ever Obtained From Youngsters

Our college students could be absolutely the sweetest, however they may also be unintentionally hilarious when attempting to ship a praise. We requested academics to share the humorous compliments they’ve acquired from youngsters, and right here’s what they needed to say.

You’re so delicate

Whereas being hugged across the center by a primary grader, she sweetly stated “you’re delicate like my mother.” —Brandi M.

What’s that scent?

My classroom sink has a little bit of a cool scent. When two former college students got here by, one stated to the opposite, “Whoa, I keep in mind this scent! It smells like…(lengthy, considerate pause)…studying!” Now I like my funky smelling sink. —Latane D.

Naturally beautiful?

Me: *decides to let my pure waves present in my hair*

ninth grader: *comes as much as my desk with a conspiratorial look* “It’s okay, miss. I didn’t brush my hair in the present day, both.” —Amara G.

Possibly it’s my heart half?

One very candy scholar as soon as stated to me, “You look younger for an outdated particular person.” —Hayley J.

“Thanks for not being annoying”

As a result of it was from a 14-year-old boy, it’s additionally my highest reward. —Carol H.

Say what now?

On a area journey, I took a toddler to a public toilet. I used the lavatory whereas he used the stall subsequent to mine. He informed me I had beautiful-sounding pee. —Amy H.

“I like your face”

A kindergartener as soon as walked by me and stated, “I like your face.” I taught fourth grade on the opposite aspect of the constructing. —Kelly G.

I suppose youngsters don’t get trend

I wore an extended, belted sweater, and on the finish of the day a bit boy stated, “Bye, I actually preferred your bathrobe in the present day.” —Sherry A.

Would take as a real praise

“You’re a dictionary with hair.” —Kath G.

Factors for understanding the animal kingdom

“You’re fairly good for a middle-aged mammal.” —Elizabeth N.

You’re the GOOD sort of loopy

One other trainer overheard some youngsters telling a brand new scholar about me. “You will have Miss S.? She’s loopy, however you recognize, the GOOD sort of loopy.” Sometime I would like that stitched on a pillow. —Hillary S.

We’d love to listen to—what humorous compliments have you ever gotten from youngsters?

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